Alien Adventure

Locations: 18

Duration: 3-4 Hours

Cost: $34.99


Do you like aliens and UFO culture? What about government conspiracy theories?

If so, you are OUR kind of people and this tour for you.

‘Alien Adventure’ will guide on an interstellar experience as you visit 18 alien-themed locations throughout the Joshua Tree area. Did you know the Joshua Tree area is home to the largest US military base, Project Blue Book, the story of Howard Hughes and George Van Tassel, UFOs, government conspiracies, Giant Rock (the heart of the Earth), and colossal desert crop circles?

Forget Area 51, Joshua Tree has everything you need.

This is more than a tour, this is an adventure. As you visit each unique location, we will challenge your mind with puzzles, ciphers, clues, and riddles. Solve each one to move onto the next site, or choose to skip the clue and simply move on. We make sure you will have fun and complete the whole adventure.

You will start and finish the tour at Joshua Tree Visitor Center. You won’t adventure more than 12 miles away from Joshua Tree (unless you’re abducted by a UFO).

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Please do not feed the extraterrestrials.