eTour Guide

Locations: 33

Duration: 5+ Hours

Cost: $39.99


The ‘eTour Guide’ will take you on a mystical, mysterious, and magical experience throughout the Joshua Tree area. We will expose you to all the eerie secrets and unique locations that even Joshua Tree locals don’t know about. You’ll explore Joshua Tree’s UFO and alien history (Project Blue Book), desert crop circles, remarkable artwork, the story of George Van Tassel, the literal ‘heart of the Earth,’ stunning desert landscapes, and so many more awesome locations. The tour also covers Johsua Tree’s history with music legends such as U2, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and Paul McCartney.

The ‘eTour Guide’ will show you all the same locations as ‘The Secret Tour‘ (our most popular tour). The only difference is that ‘eTour Guide’ does not require you to solve any clues, riddles, ciphers, or puzzles. This is more of a sight-seeing and learning tour, one that you can enjoy at your own pace.

The tour will start and finish at Joshua Tree Visitor Center in Joshua Tree (so your team can have a ‘home base). Also, all 33 locations on this tour are found outside the National Park (no further than a 12-mile radius from your starting location). Remember, ‘eTour Guide’ will take you 5+ hours to complete, so plan accordingly. Our research team completed it in 5 hours and 28 minutes.

You (and your social media followers) will love the must-see locations that you’ll encounter while exploring Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas.

Don’t just visit the park – come see what Joshua Tree is really all about. We guarantee you’ll be amazed.