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We are the real deal! Each of us have lived here in Joshua Tree for 25 years or more, and two of our team members have been here since birth!  Our collective world travels include 40 countries and 40 states.  Why does that matter? Because we have been exposed to a lot of different cultures and lifestyles, so our tours are designed to bring joy to people from all over the world!  We have also searched for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure.  We were so close but it has been found!  Our minds are all wrapped up in every treasure hunting movie, combined with real treasure hunts, sprinkled with escape rooms from all over the world.  We created sightseeing tours that could themselves be adventure movies!  We have also been in the secret tunnels underneath Washington DC.  THAT is who we are.  THAT is what we offer to YOU.  We love the intrigue and mystery of life’s adventures and want to SHARE them with YOU!  We find unique ways to show an area’s history and secret locations so YOU become the experts, just like us.  We aren’t the type to think it’s cool to know the secrets, we want to SHARE the secrets.

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