The "Virtual"
Village Walking Tour of
Joshua Tree
Part I

All of the Secrets and History
Outside of the Joshua Tree Village


Virtually visit all of the secret locations and learn the eccentric history of Joshua Tree...

Please be patient and allow the site to load.  We use a LOT of data, images, videos, GIFs, animated text, and 360-degree views to enhance your Virtual Tour.  Your patience will be rewarded!   

We love sharing Joshua Tree’s secrets and made this virtual tour for those of you who might not be able to travel to this remote desert area of Southern California. We also made it for those of you who are planning a trip here in the future!  We turn you into an expert tour guide before you even arrive! 

As you “virtually” visit each unique location, we will challenge your mind with puzzles, ciphers, clues, and riddles.  Each location will teach you a little bit about the area, teach you different secret texts and ciphers, and then ask you questions in a quiz-like format.  You will know the correct answer to each question instantly because each question ends with “CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ANSWER.” 

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The Secret Tours
The Secret Tours
The Secret Tours



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Big Picture:

Take a good look at the map below because that is how far you are about to “virtually” travel on this EPIC Journey as you walk the Joshua Tree Village.  When you visit in “real-life”, our self-guided tours all begin at the Joshua Tree Visitor Center and we try our best to make it one big loop like you see on the map below so the day flows and vibes right.  After you complete this virtual tour, you will know exactly where you want to go when you visit in real-life.  you’re going to be a complete Joshua Tree Guru.  The Joshua Tree Village Walking Tour is the shortest tour of them all.

How far is it and how long could it take in real-life?

DISTANCE:  2.3 miles
TIME: 60 minutes
(That’s walk time only… 10 minutes at each location will add 210 minutes! )


This is the layout for each section:


Make sure you keep your own score.  You can download the scoresheet we created here to make it easier to track the number of clues you get correct and incorrect.  

Let's Shall we?


Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center

Joshua-Tree-National-Park Visitor-Center-Park-Boulevard-Hiking-Camping-Tour-Adventure-Visitor-Center
Joshua-Tree-National-Park Visitor-Center-Park-Boulevard-Hiking-Camping-Tour-Adventure-Visitor-Center
Joshua-Tree-National-Park Visitor-Center-Park-Boulevard-Hiking-Camping-Tour-Adventure-Visitor-Center

TIME: 00:00
MILEAGE: 0′ (the walking distances as so short we show them in feet)

we begin all of our adventures, both “virtual” and “real-life”, right here at the Joshua Tree Visitor Center on Park Boulevard, aka the “JTVC.”  It is found right in the heart of the Joshua Tree Visitor Village and we recommend starting any visit to Joshua Tree here at the JTVC.  You can find all kinds of information and fun gift shop items here so it is the perfect start of an EPIC Joshua Tree Adventure inside or outside of the Park.  Speaking of uniquely awesome trinkets, take a look at our SECRET TOURS SHOP too so you can buy our one-of-a-kind Joshua Tree designs.  We have been locals for over 27+ years and have made some fun t-shirts and other goodies that you’ll love and you can only get them here!  Everyone needs a fun t-shirt to remember their visit!

The JTVC is broken up into two halves, with one side dedicated to the gift shop and the other side filled with Park exhibits.  Our first clue to solve involves the tree of the hour, the Joshua Tree.  As you drive around the area, we want you to be able to guesstimate the age of the trees as you go, and we learn that right here in the JTVC.  You can see all of this above in our images and 360-degree view!  There is an important little plaque here inside the JTVC that teaches you how to know the age of a Joshua Tree just by looking at it!  People generally overlook this teensy plaque, so let’s learn this together.  The plaque explains that the age of a Joshua Tree is found by dividing its height (in inches) by 1.5.  It also says that the tallest tree in the Park is 45′-tall.  

What is the Age of this 45-tall Joshua Tree in years?

The 45-tall Joshua Tree is 360-years-old!  
45′ x 12″ / 1.5 = 360.  
Did you know that when you find the 360-year-old tree in the Park, they have a plaque near it that says there are trees that are 500+ years old!  That means the tallest trees are over 62′-tall!  It’s no “Hyperion” but we will save that for the NATIONAL PARK VIRTUAL TOUR.


The actual U2 Joshua Tree "Tree"


The Actual Joshua Tree from the U2 album cover
TIME: 00:00

Welcome to the real U2 tree.  One of the main things we feel 1,000,000% obligated to teach you is that the U2 Joshua Tree from the ICONIC album cover is NOT in Joshua Tree.  As the crow flies, It is actually 171 miles away from Joshua Tree and driving it will take 4 hours!  Take a look at the map above to see what we mean.  The map also shows you where Joshua Tree is in relation to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  You’ll also see that it is located directly between the Sequoia National Park and Death Valley National Park.  CLICK HERE to go to the GPS Coordinates of the U2 Tree:  36.330845, -117.745272.  Sadly it has fallen and can rest on the desert floor for the rest of time.  It is still a must-see location if you have the time or are ever near it!  Burn that image of the map into your mind now for a future road trip.

Let’s make this clue an ultra easy one that has nothing to do with the Joshua Tree.  We are dying to share how you can type upside down and backwards for your own unique posts and comments on your blogs and social media.  CLICK HERE to go to the DCODE web site.  We are going to warn you now, there are hundreds and hundreds of codes and ciphers on their page.  It’s almost unbelievable that someone was able to create such an extensive list of all the secret codes in the world and also include methods to encipher and decipher words as you please.  Go to their web site AFTER you complete our Virtual Tour because you may be there for hours. 


The answer to this clue is the group of words you see below:

ɹno⊥ ƃuıʞןɐM ǝƃɐןןıΛ ǝǝɹ⊥ ɐnɥsoſ ןɐnʇɹıΛ ǝɥ⊥ :sɹno⊥ ʇǝɹɔǝS ǝɥ⊥

The Secret Tours: The Virtual Joshua Tree Village Walking Tour.  Is that cool looking or what?  We know you will find ways to use this upside down text in your text messages and social media.  It is really fun looking!


Are you ready to move on to LOCATION #3:


There are 19 more locations to enjoy on this EPIC ADVENTURE!  Add the Virtual Village Walking Tour to your cart and check out.  You will gain access to the second half of the tour and see locations (3) through (21).  There is SO MUCH MORE to see and learn!  Trust us… you’re going to love it!  We share all of the secrets and history that will make you an absolute expert and will prepare you for your future visit.  PLUS, you will be learning all kinds of fun ciphers dating back to the Knights Templar and solving all kinds of clues, puzzles, and riddles.  It truly is like a virtual escape room meets a treasure hunt with a magical sprinkle of adventure travels all mashed into one.  Be a part of the .01% that know what how Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Howard Hughes, Johnny Depp, Gram Parsons, Jason Momoa, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, George Van Tassel, Aliens from Venus, and more are ALL connected  to Joshua Tree!   

After your purchase, you will have access to Part II of the Virtual Village Walking Tour and visit the (19) additional locations we have curated for you.  Don’t even hesitate… get underway on this glorious adventure today!  The instructions and links will be shown to you during checkout AND sent to you in an email.  PLUS, you can always use the chatbot to speak with us directly and ask us any questions you might have.

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We want to make sure you ALWAYS have quick access to this spectacular tour.  



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