The "REAL-LIFE" Joshua Tree Alien Adventure


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Our Joshua Tree: ALIEN ADVENTURE will take you on an interstellar adventure throughout the Joshua Tree area creating 18 spectacular experiences.  Although all of the locations on this Alien Adventure are also found on our “Secret Tour XL”, we created this different version for those of you who want to focus directly on the Alien and UFO culture that exists around Joshua Tree.

UFO enthusiasts have the most wonderful inquisitive minds!  And guess what? You have come to the right place.  We like to think of our desert as Area 52, the unknown TOP SECRET UFO location that gets overlooked by the rest of the world.  We are ULTRA connected to huge military bases, PROJECT BLUE BOOK, UFOs, Howard Hughes, Government Conspiracies, Giant Rock, George Van Tassel, and so much more!

We will have you start and finish at the same location, the Joshua Tree Visitor Center (JTVC).  We did that so your team can always have a “home base.”  As you visit each unique location, we will challenge your mind with puzzles, ciphers, clues, and riddles.  Solve each one to move on to the next location or choose to skip the clue and move on.  We make sure you will have fun and complete the WHOLE adventure.  We will take you no further than a 12-mile radius from your starting location so have no fear about the distance. Even though you won’t be driving “far”, visiting these 18 eccentric locations will take you 3+ hours so plan accordingly.


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