The "REAL-LIFE" Joshua Tree Secret Tour XL


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This is it.  This is the big one.  You’ll need to set aside a whole day (or two) to even attempt to complete this one.  Our “Joshua Tree: THE SECRET TOUR XL” will take you on a mystical, mysterious, and magical adventure throughout the Joshua Tree area creating 38 spectacular experiences that will change your perception of the desert forever.  This extended version of The Secret Tour MINI adds 16 more experiences and roughly double the time (6-8 hours) and distance (104 miles).

You will learn about U2, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Paul McCartney, UFOs, Aliens, crop circles, artwork, Project Blue Book, George Van Tassel, the literal heart of the earth, and SO MUCH MORE!!!  You will also be taken to each of these locations using the GPS in your cellular device.  This Tour takes you to every secret location we know OUTSIDE the Park.

We will have you start and finish at the same location, the Joshua Tree Visitor Center (JTVC).  We did that so your team can always have a “home base.”  As you visit each unique location, we will challenge your mind with puzzles, ciphers, clues, and riddles.  Solve each one to move on to the next location or choose to skip the clue and move on.  We make sure you will have fun and complete the WHOLE adventure.  Your friends, family, and social media followers will absolutely love the extreme backdrops and quirky objects you will encounter along the way. Most importantly we guarantee that you will be amazed.


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