Village Walking Tour

Locations: 18

Duration: 1.5 – 2 Hours

Cost: $29.99


Break out your walking shoes and come enjoy the little slice of Americana known as Joshua Tree.

The ‘Village Walking Tour’ is the perfect companion guide for exploring the awesomeness of downtown Joshua Tree (trust us, Joshua Tree has many worthwhile attractions).

On this tour, you will be exploring the area while solving riddles, puzzles, and ciphers along the way. Solve each one to move on to the next location, or simply choose to skip the clue and move on.

The tour will start and finish at the Joshua Tree Visitor Center (JTVC). You will be walking a total of 1.875 miles (come on, that’s only 9,920 feet – 3,900 steps on your step counter). Our research team completed it in 1 hour and 18 minutes. Can you beat our time?

Your friends, family, and social media followers will love the artsy backdrops, eccentric people, and peculiar objects you encounter along the way. Most importantly, you’re going to have a blast as you explore the must-see locations of Joshua Tree Village. Don’t underestimate what this charming desert town has to offer.

Don’t just visit the park – come see what Joshua Tree is really all about.