JTCA SERIES: Japanese “Joshua Tree” Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt


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JTCA SERIES: We wrote “Joshua Tree” in Japanese and placed it on top of our Pop Art Joshua Tree. We faded it in from one of our real tree images… back through black, white, and red backdrops. We are so in love with this one we can’e even. Japanese script has been a fashion statement since forever… and we couldn’t “not” embrace its beauty and design. People who don’t know will think you have three smiley faces on your shirt… but in reality you’ll be reppin’ Joshua Tree front and back. Well, sort of. 🙂 We are also fans of “melt-through”… where the design on the front is correct and the image on the back is “backwards” as if it melted through the t-shirt… so technically your back will be “backwards”. HA! It will read correctly in the mirror though so mirror back selfies will rock. ​Please remember, we will only sell (10) of each design…EVER.

UNISEX. Pre-Shrunk. Perfection.

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