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TOP 10 GUIDE: Joshua Tree Music Playlist: The Most Glorious Desert Road Trip Songs to Make Your Visit Complete

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You know there is absolutely no way this one is going to be a Top 10...more like top 116! (8:21)

So you’re planning a road trip to Joshua Tree and you’re wondering how you can make it the best possible road trip of your lives?  Easy!  Just make sure the music sets the right mood of course.  Enter The Secret Tours Spotify Playlist of the Best Desert Road Trip Songs!  This is our list of favorite songs for all time to come…and we will update it in the future when new desert vibes are made. When we were making this playlist, and we were adding Gram Parsons’ songs, our fan turned off…just saying.

On that note, can you take a guess at how many songs mention the desert in the lyrics?  Go ahead and take a guess before you read on.  We hope you love the songs and playlist.  It will be up for as long as Spotify exists, but the list itself will remain forever.  You are going to love it!  Get ready for 113 songs and 8 hours and 21 minutes of soulful sounds to make you one with the desert!  The perfect amount of time to get you  from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, drive through the Park, and then start the playlist all over again!

Have you seen our COMPLETE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK or our TOP 10 PLACES TO STAY IN Joshua Tree: hotels, AirBnBs, and the most unique rentals you have ever seen.  If you have, you know that we leave no rock unturned and we give you ALL of the details to make your road trip even more unique and super ultra mega Desert Vibes!  We also suggest going on one of our self-guided, app-based, self-paced tours of Joshua Tree that takes you to one of the three areas of JT:  Inside the Park, Outside the Park, and Inside the Village.  You’ll solve clues, riddles, puzzles, and ciphers to move from place to place…a mashup of a treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, and escape room while seeing insane secret sites and learning the eccentric history that makes Joshua Tree the most unique spot on earth!

P.S. The word desert is used in at least 9,528 songs…woah…that’s a lot! 


Download Spotify...Its free!

Scroll down to see the most viewed videos of musicians in Joshua Tree.  PLEASE comment below on any other videos you would like to see added to this list!  We take your feedback to heart and love making this more and more useful to everyone who visits Joshua Tree… our home!  Download the Spotify APP and listen to this playlist the whole time you are on your adventures.  Comment on any songs you would like added to this list too!  Here is a quick list of the musicians and bands we included in our playlist:

The Doors
The Mamas & The Papas
The Eagles
Gram Parsons
The Allman Brothers
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Rolling Stones
Van Morrison
Johnny Cash
Merle Haggard
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Pink Floyd
Steely Dan
Janis Joplin
Led Zeppelin 
Grateful Dead
David Bowie
Tom Petty
Joni Mitchell
Canned Heat
Willie Nelson
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Steve Miller Band
The Doobie Brothers
Little River Band
The Animals
James Taylor
Buffalo Springfield
ZZ Top
Lou Reed
Bob Dylan
Harry Chapin
John Denver
Jimi Hendrix
The Hollies
Eric Clapton
Roy Orbison
The Who
Christopher Cross
Dire Straits
Stevie Nicks
Hall and Oates
Queens of the Stone Age
Blue Oyster Cult
Foo Fighters
Looking Glass
Jerry Reed
Nancy Sinatra
Ruthie Collins
Rufus Du Sol

Enjoy these
of EPIC Musicians in Joshua Tree as well

Sir Paul McCartney at Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace


Where do we even begin.  As you can see in the video below, this is a Mecca for Musical Royalty…and even actual Royalty like Sir Paul McCartney.  And yes, that is Emma Stone.  The list of musicians that have graced this tiny little 300-person music hall is astounding.  It is so astounding that we can’t even  write up that list!  We couldn’t “not” share this direct connection to Joshua Tree with someone of this magnitude.  We made sure to make Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace one of our stops on The Secret Tour XL!

Jim Morrison in Joshua Tree


The connection between Jim Morrison and Joshua Tree is undeniable.  This tribute video is wonderful…
We take you to the location where Jim filmed the gas station scene in the video.  The gas station no longer exists but we show you where he was on our VILLAGE WALKING TOUR.   

Rufus Du Sol in Joshua Tree


This is absolutely beautiful on so many levels…

Passenger singing Runaway in Joshua Tree


We are always in love with anything that uses Joshua Trees for Backdrops…

Rozzi singing "Joshua Tree" in Joshua Tree


You titled your song “Joshua Tree” in Joshua Tree?  Count us in…

Ruthie Collins singing "Joshua Tree" in Joshua Tree


HOLD THE PRESSES!  Ruthie Collins not only titled her song “Joshua Tree”, her video starts out with her pulling into the Joshua Tree Inn!  This is so beyond awesome we don’t even know exactly what to even say at this point.  Hello Gram Parsons in Room #8!  Huge Mega Shoutout to Ruthie Collins!!!  We cried with you.

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