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TOP 10 GUIDE: Every Music Videos filmed in Joshua Tree: And “NOT”


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Top 10 Guide: Every Single Music Video shot in Joshua Tree California... and we even threw in those that weren't shot in Joshua Tree Too... From Joshua Tree to the Four Aces Movie Ranch and beyond... We make you an expert!

DISCLAIMER:  These videos are in NO particular order.  We have a LOT of videos posted here so be patient for them to load. Has your favorite artist ever visited Joshua Tree (yet)?  PLEASE add comments and let us know if we have missed any.  Let’s make this “THE” definitive guide to every video out there and share-share-share. More music videos have been shot here in Joshua Tree than any other place we can even think of. Can you think of a few right now? Don’t worry, we are about to make you an expert on the subject.  Let’s dive right in to the gloriously eccentric history of music in Joshua Tree and see each and every genre living it up in the JTCA.

Post Malone & Mark Wallen:
I had some help

39 Million Views in the first month of the video’s release! We were physically present for the filming of this video and shared a few candid videos on our Instagram at @thesecrettours so make sure you scroll through and peek it out. 

Jim MOrrison:
L.A. Woman

6.4 Million Views.  Is this a music video? We say yes. Plus we think it is AWESOME that Jim Morrison traveled out to Joshua Tree to be inspired. Opening scenes are where the Windmills are now… remember this was a long time ago.  That 1967 Mustang Shelby GT500?  She was known as the Blue Lady and is the ONLY CAR HE EVER OWNED EVER!  He crashed it near the Viper Room in Hollywood and abandoned it in an alley.  (Still not found to this day). The video below shares a LOT of Joshua Tree footage!  Absolutely unbelievable. 

Missy Elliot, Ciara, Fatman Scoop:
Lose COntrol

55 Million Views.  YES!  Kicking up LOTS of dust. If only we could have been here!!!!!!! Missy, come back!

Rüfüs Du Sol

12 Million Views.  45-minutes of Joshua Tree goodness.  This is one of the most unique Joshua Tree backdrops in any music video ever made. Dear Rüfüs Du Sol, please come back and let us show you around!  This was filmed at AWE RANCH!

Jay-Z and Beyonce:

Part 1… keep an eye out for them riding a motorcycle together on Alta Loma Road.  Ask us why that part is more wild than you even know.

Part 2… do you see the blue boat scene?  That was across the street from Acido Dorado and Rosa Muerte.

Kacey Musgraves:
Follow Your Arrow

29 Million Views.  This entire video is ENTIRELY Joshua Tree… and she filmed a LOT of this video at the Joshua Tree Inn… home to the ghost of Gram Parsons.  Watch this entire video to “feel” the Joshua Tree vibes with a country twang.

Your Love is My Drug

119 Million Views!  This was back in 2010, so let’s give her a pass on laying on a Joshua Tree.  They weren’t protected until September 20, 2020, so technically she was in the clear.  HAHA!  Now having an elephant walk the desert???  That brings up a whole new set of questions. HA!

Amor Prohibido

235 Million Views.  Where is this GREEN DOOR? We can’t tell you… 😂 Selena’s story is so unbelievable and we are glad that we have a small pice of her history right here in Joshua Tree.

Just as an extra bonus, here is the behind the scenes for the Netflix series Selena for the episode where they re-create the Video you saw above, Amor Prohibido. This recreation was NOT made in Joshua Tree, but it’s cool to see.

Ariana Grande:
Into You

888 million views!  😂 Who doesn’t love Ariana Grande… and she uses TONS of Joshua Tree backdrops.  That Honeymoon Hotel is NOT in Joshua Tree though so let’s keep it a little real.  HAHA!  This almost got moved down to the “NOT IN JOSHUA TREE” section at the end… because this is clearly Four Aces.

Post Malone:
White Iverson

925 Million Views? WOW!  You notice the Joshua Tree Trends?  Jim Morrison was out here spinning donuts in his 1967 Shelby GT500 setting the trend from the start.  😁. But Post Malone has International Fame like no other… and a Doritos tattoo on his cheek. 😂. We loved him once we saw him custom build a 1992 SLAB Ford Explorer. You?

Elle King:
Ex's & Oh's

168 million views!  This entire video feels like it is exactly what can be happening on any given day in Joshua Tree.  😳. Also, her voice in SO UNIQUE!  We almost can’t even. 🥰

Lana Del Rey:
White Dress

8.5 Million Views!  HICKSVILLE TRAILER PALACE!!! OUR FAVORITE!!!  Beautiful voice and cinematography. If you wait until around 1:30 in, you’ll see the old gas station that was empty FOREVER!  We all wondered why the heck nobody did anything with it because it was so cool looking.  It’s kind of across the street from Big Josh at The Station.

Destiny's CHild:
Cater 2 U

110 million views!  Did Beyonce know that she would be coming back here to film Run and Run Part 2 with Jay-Z?  Joshua Tree keeps calling to people.  You just can’t resist it if you’re a creative of any type.

Amy Correa Bell:

22k Views!  Joshua Tree backdrops for daze and daze…  

Amy Correa Bell:
Gang Gang

120k views!  Introducing ACB from the 818.  Vibes.  Feels.  Flows.  

Amy Correa Bell:

1k Views!  ACB818 representing Joshua Tree always… Let us know how we can help out with video #4. 

Cyndi Lauper:
Funnel of Love

700k views!  Literally shot IN Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown.  Cyndi is known for showing up at Pappy’s on the regular.  a LOT of Hollywood elites and Music Rockstars live in Pioneertown… that’s kind of a secret so it’s just between us.  Cyndi, let us show you some the things you might “not” know about JT.  We got you! 

Paul McCArtney:
Secret Concert...

70k Views!  We are in this video… Absolutely LOVE that this video exists!!!  Only 300 lucky people (including us) were allowed inside!  This might not technically be a music video, but it’s Paul McCartney… CRAZYYYYYYYYYY!  We shot video of the whole performance and shook his hand backstage… he shakes like royalty.  👑 Also met a star from one of our favorite teenage TV shows, Tour of Duty, waiting in line.  Dan Gauthier.  He was the better looking Tom Cruise one.  😂. Also in Teen Witch?

The SHins:
Oh INverted World

16k views!  Shot at a few locations throughout the area… obviously you can see Big Josh who stands tall at @thestationjoshuatree but if you look a little bit closer, you will see the vintage TVs in the front window of @hidesertdaydream and they walk into the @whitelabelvinyl record store next door. This one is REALLY Joshua Tree… AND 29 Palms!

Adrianne Lenker:
Forwards Beckon Rebound

80k Views!  Adrianne Lenker filmed a LOT of videos at the @wildheartranch and we will share them all! 

Adrianne Lenker:
Live for WFUV

18k views!  Shot at the @wildheartranch 

Adrianne Lenker:
Zombie Girl

565k Views!  Shot at the @wildheartranch  

Adrianne Lenker:
Full Performance

191k views!  Shot at @wildheartranch 

Calvin Harris:

1.5 Million Views!  Why were we NOT at these street races?

Cage the Elephant:

28.5 million views!  Shot “inside” the Joshua Tree National Park?  That took a lot of planning and logistics.  You can’t just “shoot” inside the JTNP.  I can respect them more for going the extra mile!


8.5 Million Views!  Be ready to be transported to oddity.

First Aid Kit:

12.1 Million Views.  This is filmed LITERALLY WHERE GRAM PARSONS WAS CREMATED!!! YES!!!!!!!  You haven’t visited the National Park unless you visit Beaver Boulder and the Gram Parsons Spot!  First Aid Kit… YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!!  They open a smoking little box there too!  WOW!  Totally get this entire song…  

Kane Brown:
Lose It

75 Million Views. Nice and Plain Jane Joshua Tree.

Ice Cube:
I rep That West

28 million views!  Pioneertown… close enough to Joshua Tree.

Ice Cube:
Why Me?

8.5 Million Views!  Little known track with Joshua Trees gracing the backdrops…  This is Ice Cube’s SECOND appearance in Joshua Tree.  

Ruthie Collins:
Joshua Tree

115k views!  Shot inside the Joshua Tree Inn… Gram Parsons ghost beckons to EVERY country singer in the world.  He beckons to us too and we do NOT sing country.  😂👻

The Brothers Comatose:
Joshua Tree

11k Views.  VERY beautiful walking scenes through cool spots inside the JTNP.  Plus her hat 🥰

Angus Stone:
Bird On The Buffalo

1 Million Views!  Lots of desert walking AND she turns into an owl? 🦉Yes please.

King Fantastic:
Joshua Tree

87k Views.  Cutoff military camouflage plants with a purple velvet dress jacket is where it’s at. “We got to open up our third eye wider.”

Joshua Tree Album Raw Footage

This is a unique video.  Zero Sound.  Zero Music.  But this has all of the original raw footage they shot when they were out and about in 1987 capturing content for the JOSHUA TREE Album.  The beginning of the video is NOT in JOSHUA TREE, but they share some of the Harmony Motel footage as well so this made the cut for us.  😋

Venus and the Moon:
Marry Me

16k Views.  Absolutely LOVE THIS FOLK SOUND!  And the video opens at Giant Rock?  YES PLEASE!

Rise Up

1.8 Million Views. This is a really pretty trio.  They all look happy and wispy in the desert!  And those mirrors didn’t blow over? 🤘🏽 AND they used the Invisible House? Double Yes!

Billy Gibbons:
Desert High

255k Views.  The lyrics to this song are INSANNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Every single thing “Joshua Tree” is mention in the lyrics.  Jim Morrison.  Gram Parsons.  This is CRAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY!  He is out here 24/7/365 at Rancho De La Luna.

Joshua Bassett:
Lie Lie Lie

13.1 Million Views. Gotta admit that we like the sound and videography.

Billy Hammer:
Joshua Tree

274 Views.  This is a musical journey into the aura that is floating around the desert…


420k Views. His VOICE! 🥰 His Shirt 😍

Paul Loren:

226k Views.  That rear naked choke though.

Phoebe Bridgers:

664k Views.  Asylum? Anyone?

Do Si Do

1.1 Million Views.  Diplo is a Joshua Tree regular… visiting Simon Rex at his secret Joshua Tree house.

Lady Lazarus:

1804 Views. Watching the dirt fall from her hands made us cry… but then we were not okay with the picture not being completely covered.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis:

85 Million Views.  We were on set, and although it might be contested, we were instrumental in picking that stretch of road on the way up to Pioneertown… they were going to film it a little further down the road but we took them to the section that you’ll see in the video.  Watch for the convertible with the two girls hanging out the top… that’s Pioneertown Road.  We were also disappointed that they had the Cadillac on set that did NOT have Whitewalls… 😐

Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top):
West Coast Junkie

706k Views. This is another video from Billy Gibbons.  Joshua Tree is his spot.

Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen:
Like I Used To

870k Views.  Desert backdrops.  Trailers.  Dirt Road Singing battles.  70’s High Shoe Dances.  Life…

Young The Giant:

532k Views. We want to say they have made several Joshua Tree videos?  Help us out Mr. Giant.

Joshua Tree

103k Views.  ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER VOICE!!!  This would have been perfection “if” they had used the Joshua Tree Saloon or Pappy & Harriets for the stage scenes… but everything else is wonderful.  Come Back to JT and let us help you with video #2.

Jason Nutter & Jesika von Rabbit:
Joshua Tree

10k Views. We want to say they have made several Joshua Tree videos?  Help us out Mr. Giant.

Gram Rabbit:
Deseperate Heart

127k Views.  ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER VOICE!!!  This would have been perfection “if” they had used the Joshua Tree Saloon or Pappy & Harriets for the stage scenes… but everything else is wonderful.  Come Back to JT and let us help you with video #2.

Dermot Kennedy:
u2 The Virtual Road

810k Views. His accent 🥰 This is a unique video… completely live and solo in the middle of nowhere.

Snoh Aalegra:
Dying 4 Your Love

5 Million Views.  INVISIBLE HOUSE IN FULL EFFECT.  Smooth tempo gentle beats.


20k Views. Her voice is so soft and gentle…


600 Views.  CHRIST PARK!  Yes!  You’re in for a special treat at the 3 minute mark… Christ Park at night with the statues lit.  Kind of a Tom Petty feel with desert vibes.   And he buried his guitar?  The drum set in front of that one statue!!!!  Great use of the backdrops.  Kind of shocked that Christ Park allowed the shoot.  HAHA! And we share the reason the hands look so weird on most of the statues… let’s just say the artist was irate that the town wanted to charge admission to his artwork.

Cat Power:

2.4 Million Views. This is another “Probably Four Aces”, but we have it in the Joshua Tree section for now.  It’s a lot of work to find out if they were in Joshua Tree for any of their filming.  But for sure that power pole road and the gas station is Four Aces.

Kidz Bop:
Old Town Road

67 Million Views.  Coming’ in hot with 67 MILLION!  Pioneertown was a perfect fit for this.  Why didn’t Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus make an appearance right at the end?

Willow Smith:
21st Century Girl

875k Views. This video is actually shared solely through the Disney Channel… but maybe through YouTube as well?  We really couldn’t tell so we just shared this for you from YouTube so they are all the same.  Especially if you are making a Joshua Tree Playlist… (Coming Soon).

DJ Antoine:
Ma Cherie

10.7 Million Views.  NEVER eat a fresh cut cactus with strangers… 😂 your girl will start hallucinating about her future husband.  Don’t worry, he ends up working at the hotel in the end.  HAHA!  This video “might” be shot out at Four Aces, because those power poles and “Avenue B” are pointing that way, but perhaps some of it was shot in Joshua Tree so it makes the list.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club:
Lose Yourself

783k Views. This jumps ALL over the place, but for sure he is thrown out of the front door of the Joshua Tree Saloon.  😂

Beth Orton:

3k Views.  Beth Orton “did” make a video for this song in 2016; however, it has mysteriously VANISHED!  So we are putting this video up in its place until we figure out what went wrong.  BETH!  Where is your Joshua Tree cut?  Help us out!!!

Accept Who I Am

60k Views.  She has the EXACT hair that I want… exactly… eyebrows not so much but she is working them just fine! 🥰 Her FAST rhyme skills are INSANE!!!  Love the flow of this chill-ness.  Definitely had us pointing our finger like Eminem.


3.4 Million Views.  This one could have tricked you!  You see that blue Ford Mustang?  That is one of the rentable cars at the Four Aces; however, they actually took that car all the way to Joshua Tree.  We can easily identify where they were in the Park and its way obvious when they went into Noah Purifoy’s Museum.  This was an AWESOME video… almost tricked us too.  HAHA!  (not)

Tori Deal & Jordan Wisely:
Love is Cruel

42k Views.  Lots and Lots and Lots of Joshua Tree vibes…

From this point forward, the videos are definitely NOT in Joshua Tree.  They are actually filmed at the Four Aces Movie Ranch near Lancaster CA. It has all of the looks and feels of Joshua Tree, but is actually 111 miles to the east. If you want to see both shoot locations, that’s really not that far. You can literally drive right up to the Four Aces… it is right out in the open on the main street. Take a look at the street view we share below.

My Chemical Romance:
na Na Na

80.4 million views!  THIS!  This is what you feel you should see literally happening in real life at the Four Aces every day. 🤘🏽

Lady Gaga & Beyonce:

411 Million Views!  Beyonce’s THIRD video with Joshua Trees in it.  HAHA!  But this is another Four Aces production.  It is easier for Hollywood to drive to Palmdale than it is to Joshua Tree.  We will warn you now.  The opening scene is a lil’ bit different… and this is 9 minutes and 31 seconds of video to watch.  Get the popcorn.

Iggy Azalea:

357 million views!  To be 100%, this one is a maybe.  You see that gas station that they show in the beginning?  That is definitely “FOUR ACES”.  If you pay attention for it, you will see it a LOT in commercials, like the Half Motorcycle Half Man Insurance Mo-Taur commercials.  It is no where near Joshua Trees, but it has tons of Joshua Trees around it so people often confuse it.


68 Million Views!  This was filmed in Apple Valley which is kind of close to Joshua Tree, but NOT Joshua Tree.  Those rocks could easily be mistaken for some good ole JTNP rock formations.  This song was in the Lion King movie. 

Hey Porsche

51.7 million views!  Nelly…  his voice will forever be “that” voice… the one that made everyone sing along

Forever in Your Mind:

4.2 Million Views!  But why do you have an old Saturn?

Miranda Lambert:
Little Red Wagon

41 million views!  A lot of the music videos, commercials, and movies that you “think” are filmed in Joshua Tree are actually filmed at a film set known as the “Four Aces”.  If you ever see an old gas station, Joshua Trees, a bar, motel, pool, and phone booth, it was filmed at the Four Aces in Palmdale, kind of the greater greater Joshua Tree area.  😂

The Title Trackers:
Chopping Down The Joshua Tree

8600 Views!  NOT in Joshua Tree… BUT this is filmed at the original Joshua Tree from the cover of the U2 album titled “Joshua Tree”.  Talk about CRAZY COOL!  Absolutely love it.  Didi you know that this VERY SPECIAL Joshua Tree is actually 171 miles away from Joshua Tree? 

Knights of Cydonia:

38 million views!  Hilarious.  Shot in Joshua Tree?  We say no.  


5 Million Views!  Four Aces…. 


126 million views!  Salvation Mountain and the Salton Sea are kind of the Greater Joshua Tree area, but technically it is far enough away to say it is “not” in Joshua Tree.  But we still give crazy props to Ke$ha.    This is her second video in the desert… Creatives ‘Gon Create.

Red VElvet:
Ice Cream Cake

127 Million Views!  This all-girl Asian Pop Crew knows how to use the entire Four Aces…

Itchin on a Photograph

4.9 million views!  Hello Four Aces.

Glass ANimals:
Life Itself

16.7 Million Views!  Glass Animals “Hey everyone, let’s shoot two videos whilst we are here at Four Aces”…. 

Glass Animals:

4.9 million views!  Hello Four Aces.

Charli Xcx and Rita Ora:
Doing It

44 Million Views!  Four Aces right from the get go.  🥰 

Rev Theory:
Hell Yeah

24.5 million views!  Four Aces AND the nearby Airplane graveyard designed just for Hollywood.  Palmdale was smart back in the day… “Let’s lock down desert movie sets for Hollywood”.  Joshua Tree: “They’ll come here anyways.” 😂

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  1. Robert Hampton

    The 1986 music video “When your hear heart is weak” by Cock Robin, filmed in Joshua Tree when it was still a National Monument and there was never a line to visit.

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