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Our Blog is only the beginning.  Become an expert in all things Joshua Tree today by going on one of our virtual tours  and then go on one of our real-life tours when you visit Joshua Tree in the future!  It’s one of those “know-before-you-go” situations!  Trust us.  We will get you ready and motivated to embark on a LOT of unique adventures and teach you wild history that make this such a wonderful desert.  

 Joshua Tree is one of the most magical and mysterious spots in California, way more than Disneyland!  (Disney Secrets Here). Hiking, climbing, sightseeing, camping,  and many more activities make Joshua Tree the perfect place for 3,200,000 people every year. That’s 6 per minute!  

But most don’t know about the secrets of Joshua Tree.  With over 25 years of experience living here in Joshua Tree each, we decided to share our knowledge with visitors to help them maximize their enjoyment during their adventures.  It is perfectly normal for people to get overwhelmed because this area is huge.  No matter how many days you have at the park, it is crucial that you plan everything from the beginning.  We hope that you use all the information in our guides and resources so you can have the best possible time in Joshua Tree. Make sure you take a look at our self-guided tours of the three main areas of Joshua Tree: INSIDE THE PARK, OUTSIDE THE PARK, and INSIDE THE VILLAGE.


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